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Two Women Talking


by Patricia A. Wargo

eSchool News

Article excerpt

Why this one STEM course has four different teachers

In the summer of 2015, the district asked a technology teacher, a library media specialist, a math teacher, and a science teacher to create a STEM course that would be part of the students’ daily class schedule.

Our take

A Collaborative Approach to STEM Instruction

The realization that effective STEM instruction extends beyond “technology” has prompted one school to take an innovative team-based approach to their curricula. Rotating students between four different teachers as they work on a large project helps to build critical thinking skills and real-world perspectives. Would this type of collaborative approach work in your school system?

STEM is not just about teaching science and math to students. The true promise of STEM involves teaching students critical thinking and analytical skills that they can apply to problem-solving across a variety of applications. By engaging instructors from other disciplines in STEM-focused curriculum students receive a broader perspective of the impacts that subject areas like writing, language and the arts have for their future success in math, science and technology careers.