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Teaching Without Telling

by Stefany Bolanos

EdSurge News

Article excerpt

Teaching With Your Mouth Shut

In his book “ Teaching with Your Mouth Shut,” Donald L. Finkel describes teachers who “carefully and clearly tell students something they did not previously know.” This kind of teaching, he says, is simply “telling.”

Our take

Learning to Teach Without Telling

Telling isn’t the same as teaching as this teacher has learned. Her experiences in stepping to the back of the room and providing an environment for students to explore–and, consequently, learn—can be instructive for others. Are you spending too much time telling and not enough time creating opportunities for students to learn and explore on their own?

The learning spaces of the 21st century are becoming increasingly different from the spaces many of us occupied during our school years. Teaching methods are changing as well. Technology has significantly impacted the way students learn, and teachers teach, in the 21st century. As more teachers experiment with “teaching with their mouth shut” they are gaining greater insights into how students can learn through exploration and discovery.