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Teaching A Global Mindset

by Tim Goral

District Administration

Article excerpt

Making the world your classroom

Julie Lindsay believes that, in today’s increasingly turbulent societies, it is vital that children experience other cultures and develop the skills that will help them in a connected world. These learners will be “better prepared to be productive and compassionate citizens in a global economy and they are able to improve their communication skills, collaborate effectively and be ready for multicultural workspaces,” she says.

Our take

Making the World a Smaller Place

Global educators don’t have to leave their communities or commit to extensive travel as this author and educator points out. In a new book she offers insights and resources to help teachers develop a global mindset. Experiencing and learning about other cultures can help students excel in an increasingly connected world. How could you better use technology to broaden cultural perspectives among your students?

As technology breaks down barriers between countries, more opportunities for learning and sharing best practices are emerging—as well as opportunities to bring educational opportunities to students, and teachers, around the globe. As technology becomes more prevalent, and more sophisticated, students can gain broader perspectives about a range of subjects and cultures. Lenovo Education is well matched to serve a constantly evolving landscape by bringing adaptable technology, unique solutions, and forward-thinking ideas to the table.