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Teaching Digital Citizenship Early

by News Release

eSchool News

Article excerpt

Curriculum includes 10 lessons for digital citizenship

ESSDACK has collaborated with GoEnnounce to build an affordable digital citizenship curriculum for secondary students titled Your Digital Footprint. The curriculum includes 10 lessons focusing on the importance of building a positive digital image for students to carry into their future.

Our take

Social Media in K-7 and Below? It Might Be a Good Idea

Children are communicating in the digital environment at increasingly younger ages–ages when their awareness of the lifelong impacts of their online behaviors is severely limited. This curriculum seeks to change that. Should you be incorporating this type of instruction and information into your lesson plans at earlier levels?

Pew Internet Project research tells us that 95 percent of all teens age 12-17 were online in 2012. The number is likely higher today and suggests opportunity for conversations around social media use could start taking place in K-7, or even before. Resources like Your Digital Footprint, already piloted in some other school districts, can be a good way to start these discussions.