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Teachers Top Turnitin

by Blake Montgomery


Article excerpt

REVIEW: Humans Still Win: A Comparison of Two Robo-Essay Readers From Turnitin and WriteLab

Two California companies—one old, the other a startup—are building tools that they claim can produce better writers. Turnitin, a 19-year-old company that’s best-known for its anti-plagiarism tool, recently launched Revision Assistant, an essay assignment, composition, feedback and submission platform.

Our take

English Teachers Still Top Tech Tools for Grading Essays

This reporter reviews two tools designed to assess and offer feedback on written documents—Revision Assistant (from Turnitin, known for its anti-plagiarism tool), and WriteLab. Grading written assignments takes time, something in increasingly short supply for today’s harried instructors at all levels of education. New tech tools like these are emerging to, potentially, ease the strain. But, are they effective?

According to this reporter’s analysis, not really—or at least not yet. He suggests that English teachers can breathe a big sigh of relief because they’re not likely to be replaced any time soon by technology. The truth of the matter is that, despite plenty of grammar and spelling rules, there is much that is subjective and subject to varying opinions when it comes to writing style as this comparative analysis shows.