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Woman Talking in front of class

Teachers Take On Technology

by D. Frank Smith

EdTech Magazine

Article excerpt

Report: Experienced Teachers Soar in Tech-Enabled Classrooms

Teachers are getting more comfortable and more ambitious with devices in the classroom, according to an annual report on technological integration in schools. This year’s Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) Vision K–20 Survey continues that trend, with added emphasis on the growth of student data usage.

Our take

Experienced Instructors Eager to Embrace New Technology

Technology in the classroom isn’t just to aid new delivery methods. Classroom technology can also provide educators with insights about individual student learning as well as broader trends, highlighting both broad best practices and identifying individual students who may need specialized attention. One very interesting finding from this study is that experienced teachers were no less likely to embrace technology in the classroom; in fact, the opposite was true. As the authors suggest, this may be due to newer teachers feeling overwhelmed by their new responsibilities. Regardless of where you fall on this spectrum, how can you best leverage the options available to you?

Lenovo is confident that our innovations can help pave the way for both experienced and new educators. When used in combination with careful planning and smart partnerships, IT can help modernize infrastructure, identify potential efficiencies, and help educators stay up-to-date in a constantly changing landscape.