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Teachers Get Social on Twitter

by Ross Brenneman

Education Week

Article excerpt

Teachers Turn to Twitter for Solutions, Connection

For several years, growing numbers of teachers have been taking to Twitter to network and learn from other educators, often through education-related chat groups. There are now dozens of Twitter communities for teachers, featuring weekly scheduled chats as well as continuous, ongoing discussions.

Our take

Twitter as a Tool for Teacher Professional Development?

Twitter may be an unlikely tool in the quest to provide relevant and engaging professional development (PD) for teachers. But as teachers have gravitated naturally to this social media site to share experiences and glean insights from others through chat groups and the tracking and monitoring of hashtags on topics of interest, their interest may be a launching point for more innovative and effective PD. With some indicating that the PD they gain through Twitter is better than they’ve received through their school districts how might you capitalize on this trend?

It may be time to take a closer look at how your PD efforts are developed and delivered and whether there may be better, potentially less expensive, alternatives. As teachers, and others, are more often using portable tech devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops, the ability to quickly gain access to information through sites such as Twitter is easy to understand and represents an opportunity for connecting and engaging with these mobile learners.