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Taming Teacher Turnover

by Laura Devaney

eSchool News

Article excerpt

6 ways school leaders can transform teaching

U.S. education can migrate to a system that supports teaching, drives learning, and gives all students a strong foundation, according to a new report from the National Commission on Teaching and America’s Future (NCTAF).

Our take

Leveraging Technology to Fuel a Teaching Transformation

A changing economic, educational, and technological landscape is leading to discussions about different ways that students at all levels can be educated now, and in the future, to meet employer and societal needs. A new report from the National Commission on Teaching and America’s Future (NCTAF) offers some insights and recommendations. Could this research provide some potential solutions to address teacher turnover and student achievement gaps?

The Commission’s recommendations are far-reaching and represent a significant change from the status quo, including “a new compact” between policymakers and teachers and an increased focus on teacher preparation, development and mentoring. Helping teachers to be more effective, the Commission says, will require a commitment to collaboration and growth and new roles and structures. Technology can play an important role in fueling this transition. Viewing technology as a collaborator versus a competitor allows teachers to leverage the best of the tools available to enhance classroom teaching and learning.