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Taking Wearable Tech Beyond The Gym

by Courtney Pepe and Stephanie Talalai

EdTech Focus on K-12

Article excerpt

Implementing Wearable Technology at Schools Boosts Engagement, Motivation

Long a staple of athletic workouts, wearable tech is now seen as a future influential piece of education technology. Wearable tech has been identified as an advancement that will be growing more widespread in the next four to five years, according to the NMC/CoSN Horizon Report: 2016 K–12 Edition.

Our take

Leveraging Wearables for Learning

Wearables are widely known as tools to help boost physical activity and fitness. But, do they have a place in education outside of the gym? This school system thinks so and has been experimenting with the use of various types of wearables with students who have disabilities. Are there any key takeaways that might apply to your students?

In this case, the students engaged through wearables were students with disabilities. The examples provided, though, could also extend beyond children with disabilities to provide various creative ways of engaging all students in learning by leveraging the growing popularity of wearable devices.