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How North Carolina is Planning for a Digital Learning Future

North Carolina Becomes a LeaderOver the past several years, North Carolina has become a national leader in K-12 digital planning. In 2005-06, NC State University’s Center for Urban Affairs and C

  • December 19, 2016|
  • 1 year ago

Restructure PD With “Micro-Credentialing”

Using Bite-Sized Training to Drive Personalized Learning, and PayWhile no agreed-upon, formal definition exists, micro-credentialing generally involves delivering bite-size bits of education, with

  • May 10, 2016|
  • 2 years ago

7 Tips for Fostering Online “Classrooms”

Online Learning Rules of EngagementOne of the potential downfalls of online learning is isolation. The ability to connect with instructors and other online learners can be key to engagement and su

  • May 09, 2016|
  • 2 years ago

Assessing Online Offerings

Online Learning May Hold Promise But Hefty Investments RequiredLike online magazines and the traditional print versions, it’s unlikely that online learning will replace the traditional kind any

  • May 06, 2016|
  • 2 years ago

Getting Students Excited About Online Learning

Coming Together to Discuss Blended Learning Options and OpportunitiesThey may be digital learners, but that doesn't mean they aren't also skeptics about the efficacy of online learning. As traditi

  • April 29, 2016|
  • 2 years ago

Professional Development and the Data-Driven Classroom

This is the second article in a multipart series that will explore data in the classroom.Each year approximately $18 billion and 68 hours of the average teacher’s time are invested in profession

  • April 26, 2016|
  • 2 years ago

Designing Learning Experiences for Today’s Students

Observe today’s students for long enough (likely not long at all), and you will find them interacting with technology in one way or another—whether it’s scrolling through social media on their s

  • April 11, 2016|
  • 2 years ago

Finding the Right Interplay Between Teacher & Technology

No matter how big technology’s role in the classroom becomes, there is one component of learning that it can never replace: teachers. Even the most technology-driven learning methods, such as on-dem

  • February 29, 2016|
  • 2 years ago

Juggling the Evolving Roles of Teachers

Technology has significantly impacted the way students learn, and teachers teach, in the 21st century. Yet, despite the new tools and technologies, the foundational elements of instruction have not ch

  • January 14, 2016|
  • 2 years ago
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