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Surfing OpenEd for Effectiveness

by Dian Schaffhauser

THE Journal

Article excerpt

OpenEd Assesses 'Most Effective' Online Learning Resources

Animated flashcards and sub-two-minute videos turn out to be the most effective online resources for K-12 against all other common options. That’s the finding determined by OpenEd, which recently studied the data generated from the results of assessments given to students who used its free online resources for educational purposes.

Our take

In Online Educational Environments Animated Flashcards Rule

An extensive study by OpenEd of more than a million assessments of online work performed by K-12 students reveals some interesting findings related to both the type of online material that leads to the best results, and the best sources of this material. Animated flashcards and short videos led in terms of effectiveness, with blackboard-based learning, a la Khan Academy, demonstrating less effectiveness. What implications might these results have in your selection of online educational materials?

While experimentation, trial and error and pilots can be useful in finding new ways to apply technology in classroom settings, findings from formal studies offer quantitative insights to help administrators and educators choose from among the many educational offerings now available to them. Still, there’s certainly room for improvement with even the highest scoring items achieving effectiveness scores of only 70 percent.