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Supercharge Your Brand

by Max du Bois

Times Higher Education

Article excerpt

To build digital brands, universities need to relinquish control

Looking at the current maturity of universities’ digital brands shows a remarkable opportunity for the forward thinkers and an established order waiting to be upset. As with so many other markets, those who master the ability to connect will reap benefits and those Luddites that don’t will slip into irrelevance.

Our take

Brand Building for Educators in the Online Environment: What Level Is Your School At?

Digital technology offers school systems an opportunity to build brand like never before, but the majority of schools at both the K-12 and higher ed levels aren’t leveraging these technologies as effectively as they might to engage with students, potential students, parents and community. Where does your school fall among the “five key states of university brands” identified in this article?

If the author’s estimates are correct, chances are you’re either in the Business as Usual or Wrapper categories—along with about 80 percent of your other university colleagues. The opportunity, therefore, exists to move beyond to becoming a Supercharger, using the brand as dialogue and, finally, using connectivity to co-produce the brand. Key takeaway: there are opportunities for school systems, at all levels, to better leverage online communication tools to engage in more meaningful interactions with audiences.