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Summer Of STEM: Data Science Boot Camps

by Meris Stansbury

eCampus News

Article excerpt

New trend sees higher ed bootcamps go 2.0

It seems that coding bootcamps are so 2015. For students eager to get into a burgeoning field that pays well, data science bootcamps promise to be the new oases amidst hiring deserts. Starting this summer and continuing throughout the fall, third-party hosts, such as Metis and NYC Data Science Academy (NYCDSA), are offering 12-week programs in data science for students that have some beginner’s knowledge of coding and/or statistics.

Our take

Will Deep Immersion In Data Science Pay Off?

It could be a great way to spend the summer for those who are so inclined. Next gen data boot camps from organizations like Metis and NYC Data Science Academy offer students an opportunity to dive deep into data science. Do boot camps like this offer a viable way to help immerse students in STEM-related topics?

Summer school and interim courses at colleges and universities have taken a similar condensed approach to teaching various subjects for years. The difference here though is the focus on tech, the hands-on opportunities to engage with technology and the ability to come away with completed projects that can become part of a portfolio to demonstrate new competencies–and the price: the examples here ranged from $14,000-16,000. High demand is driving high salaries for those with these tech skills, though, so the investment may be worth it.