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Study Points To Tech Training For Teachers

by David Hutchins


Article excerpt

Leading Teachers Toward the Digital Future, Together

In a recent survey by Education Dive, sponsored by Sprint, 86 percent of respondents agree that teachers in their district need more training in educational technology. Unlike Price of LAUSD, 41 percent of respondents say they don’t believe their districts have an explicit plan that lays out for teachers how educational technology can be most effectively used in lessons and curricula.

Our take

Teachers Need More Tech Training

A recent Education Dive survey, sponsored by Sprint, reinforces the need for more ed tech training for teachers. Technology has become pervasive in K-12 classrooms and universities, but tech training for teachers hasn’t kept up. What’s required to ensure that teachers have the capabilities and competences they need to thrive in a tech-enabled environment?

Too often training is left to chance as individual teachers take their own steps to brush up on existing, or learn new skills. But keeping up-to-date with the many new advancements and tools can be daunting for even the most tech-savvy instructors. The opportunities presented by the wide array of classroom technology options require not only tailored professional development at the individual level, but also a broad bird’s-eye view of how these resources can be integrated to yield the best results for each school system.