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Students Personalize Their Learning

by Benjamin Riley


Article excerpt

Bursting the 'Personalization' Bubble: An Alternative Vision for Our Public Schools

The fact that I’m troubled by personalized learning, however, does not mean I’m an enthusiast for the so-called “factory model of education” (an edu-myth of dubious historical accuracy, as Audrey Watters and Sherman Dorn have explained). Instead, I’d like to redirect the enthusiasm for personalization toward an alternative vision for our public schools.

Our take

Engaging Students Personalize Their Own Learning

The concept of personalized learning is the subject of much debate, and a certain amount of confusion. What does it really mean? Who’s in control? According to this writer, teachers are–as they historically have been. But they need to ensure that they are appropriately leveraging technology and the opportunity for social interaction in- and outside of the classroom.

Personalized learning can seem daunting, but technology can help. The onus doesn’t have to be all on teachers, of course. Students should be actively engaged in their own learning and a wide range of ed tech options and materials makes it possible for students to play an active, an important, role in their own education.