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Your Students Are More Gifted Than You Thought

by Ryan Lacey

Distinct Administration

Article excerpt

Do your schools have more gifted students than you thought?

A leading gifted-and-talented expert once believed the number of students who performed above grade level was between 5 and 15 percent. But a new study shows the number is much higher, says the expert, Jonathan Plucker, a National Association for Gifted Children board member.

Our take

Drawing Out the Gifted Among Us

Where are the gifted children? They’re in your classrooms. You just may not have identified them yet! What could you be doing in your district to ensure that talented students don’t go overlooked?

A new analysis by Johns Hopkins reveals that 25-45 percent of students evaluated in three states (Florida, Wisconsin and California) perform above their grade level. Teachers have a key role to play in identifying students who are performing above their grade level. They can be aided in that process by training and information to help them look beyond the obvious to ensure that more introverted, or disadvantaged, students are not overlooked.