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What Students Expect From Big Data

by Leila Meyer

Campus Technology

Article excerpt

Survey: Students Think Schools Should Use Personal Data to Improve College Experience

Seventy-seven percent of college students think schools should do a better job of using their personal data to improve the college experience, according to a new survey from Ellucian.

Our take

Student Privacy Expectations May Surprise

While education administrators, teachers and others may be understandably concerned about data security and privacy issues related to student data, students aren’t quite as concerned. Why?

It may be because, having grown up with technology, they take privacy and security for granted. Or, as the study suggests, it may simply be because they recognize the ways in which data and technology can be used to improve their experiences on campus. Whatever the drivers, student responses clearly indicate they not only expect their data to be put to good use to improve their college experiences, but also feel they should only have to provide that data once. The factors surrounding big data’s role in education require thoughtful consideration and ultimately, big decisions. See our The Journey to the Data-Driven Classroom infographic here.