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Stronger Design for PD Programs

by Ellen Dorr


Article excerpt

How Administrators Can Design the Best Learning Experiences for Teachers

We are moving toward true learning cultures, which are personalized, relevant, and empowering. To that end, the antiquated ideas around teacher training and development will fade out, and a new era of professional learning experiences that support and push educators can come out into the sun.

Our take

A More Focused Focus on PD

Teachers don’t just teach; they need to be engaged in continual learning. The same considerations of how to effectively engage learners through ed tech used with traditional students applies to adult learner audiences, like teachers, as well. How could you better engage teachers in PD in meaningful ways that build their skills and result in a better learning environment for students?

This article offers four considerations for designing PD that will best engage, and educate instructors: a clear vision tied to teachers’ passion for education; an integrated learning experience, rather than one-off training sessions; the right instructors for each experience and a focus on risk-taking for teachers as they build their skills. An audit of your existing PD may point to opportunities for improvement where these concepts might be incorporated.