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Streamlining Course Design

by David Raths

Campus Technology

Article excerpt

How to Design Standards-Based Online Courses

Many faculty members struggle when they initially make the transition from face-to-face to online and hybrid settings, and that is where QM can help — by laying out course design principles for improving student learning, engagement and satisfaction.

Our take

A Model for Designing Online and Hybrid Courses

It can take a lot of time for busy instructors to develop online courses that take into account best practices in online instruction, but that time can be well spent. The Quality Matters (QM) framework for online courses can provide a useful model for moving forward. What key takeaways can these two universities’ experiences bring to your curriculum development?

There are some key differences between live and online instruction that aren’t immediately grasped by those new to the online environment. The use of the QM framework can help both seasoned and new online instructors better acclimate to these differences, not only for purely online courses, but for hybrid courses which present additional challenges. There are also opportunities to better leverage technology in classroom settings. As these instructors discovered, the rigor behind models like QM can provide a better experience—for both students and instructors.