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Streamlining College IT Onboarding

by Meghan Bogardus Cortez

EdTech Focus on Higher Education

Article excerpt

Automating Student Onboarding Can Enhance Safety and Efficiency

Acclimating college freshmen to their new environment means more than getting them settled in their dorms and showing them the nearest dining hall. Institutions also need to introduce new students to a growing number of digital systems.

Our take

Automated Onboarding

The onboarding process in higher ed, unlike in the business world, must take place in a very shortened period of time, creating challenges for administrators and their IT pros. Automating the process can help. Both students and IT staff can benefit from a more streamlined process. Could automated onboarding work at your school?

While this article focuses on a specific tool, there are a wide range of ways that colleges and universities might use their own, existing, technology to automate the onboarding process. An added benefit is the ability for students to access information that they may not have been fully attuned to during their first few days on campus.