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STEM in the White House

by Amanda Stone

The White House

Article excerpt

Science Fair 2016: Meet the Next Generation of America's Innovators

This Wednesday the White House will transform for the day into a hands-on showcase of student innovation: robots, prototypes, tools to help us fight climate change and cancer – all researched, built, and designed by the next generation of America’s scientists.

Our take

Celebrating STEM Creativity and Innovation

In April, President Obama hosted a group of very special STEM students at the White House to showcase a wide range of achievements involving technology, research and creative innovation. What could be more exciting for students, and a better way to engage them with STEM, than a visit to the White House to interact with other students, innovators and really famous people like the President?

While your school system may not be able to create the same sort of buzz and fanfare that a meeting with the President does, the idea of creating forums where students can be recognized for their work in STEM-related activities can be a great way to provide them with recognition and to introduce other students to fields of study that they might not find inherently interesting. We may bemoan the lack of STEM focus among today’s students, but these students’ achievements provide hope for a more tech-savvy future.