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Kid Using Tablet

Learning Challenges vs. Apps

by Christina Dong

Stanford News

Article excerpt

Stanford students create apps to tackle learning challenges

Students in Stanford’s Learning, Design, and Technology program have applied modern technology to answer three questions faced by many parents and teachers: how to improve childhood eating habits, group project productivity and autistic social-emotional skills.

Our take

Innovation Continues to Drive New Educational App Development

Can apps serve a practical, even societally beneficial purpose? The work of some students at Stanford suggests they can. These students have been designing apps to positively impact children’s eating habits, improve productivity and even aid in the development of social skills among autistic children. How might these students’ discoveries impact your school system?

These three projects are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the myriad of new apps that are now available to instructors from K-20—and beyond. Where to start in terms of selecting those that might be most appropriate for use in your classrooms? With the end in mind. A focus on learning outcomes, and input from use cases can help administrators and instructors make informed choices.