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From Special Ed To Ed Tech

by Chris Weller

Business Insider

Article excerpt

The hottest trend in education actually started in special-ed classrooms 40 years ago

Given its reliance on technology, personalized learning might seem like a recent solution. But the truth is, the model began in the mid-1970s and had no ties to tech at all. Personalized learning started in special education.

Our take

Nothing New—But Technology—In Personalized Learning

Did you know: personalized learning had its roots in special education more than four decades ago, long before technology was a driver. What could you learn from the experiences of mid-70’s educators?

Technology doesn’t make the obvious, obvious. What it does to, though, is make it possible to simplify the otherwise daunting process of personalizing education for each of the many students that teachers serve. When it comes to engaging and educating students of all backgrounds and all types of special learning needs, today’s ed tech now offers the variety and flexibility to provide personalized learning experiences in new and increasingly creative ways.