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Speaking in Code

by Kristen M. Clark

eSchool News

Article excerpt

Could coding count as a foreign language?

State senators in Florida overwhelmingly approved a proposal to allow high school students to count computer coding as a foreign language course, although questions linger about whether the two subjects should be considered one and the same.

Our take

Sprechen Sie coding?

It is a language of sorts, and now the state of Florida is attempting to make it official: state senators recently passed a bill to allow high school students to claim language credit for learning to code. That’s one way to drive more students to consider the value that coding might have for them. Could it work in your school system?

Educators and business leaders continue to lament the slow adoption and low interest in coding and computer skills among today’s students. The need is clear; the challenge is how to engage students in these subjects—and keep them engaged. Requiring coding and computer science classes is one way. Considering coding as meeting foreign language requirements may be another.