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Sorting Through the Ed Tech Clutter

by Henry Williams


Article excerpt

Global edtech market to hit $252bn by 2020

The global education technology (ed tech) market is forecast to grow by 17% year-on-year to reach $252bn by 2020, a report from EdTechXGlobal has suggested. The report, which identified ed tech trends for 2016, found that only 2% of the education market is currently digitised – despite the market now being worth more than $5 trillion worldwide.

Our take

Cluttered Ed Tech Landscape Offers Many Choices

The global ed tech market is growing exponentially according to a recent report, with many startups emerging to offer technology solutions and innovations. What opportunities and challenges does this growth represent for administrators and educators?

Technology is bringing new educational opportunities to underserved areas both globally and domestically. There’s a lot of benefit in a competitive marketplace where for-profit players are fighting to gain market share through the introduction of innovative new products and services. With so many options, though, the choices can become murky, challenging administrators and educators to make informed choices to leverage limited resources.