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Solve Flipped Classroom’s Conundrum

by Dennis Pierce

eSchool News

Article excerpt

This new tool makes the flipped classroom more social

Called Perusall, it’s a social learning platform that will “essentially make sure every student is prepared for class,” Mazur said. It also makes sure teachers are prepared to address students’ key questions and areas of confusion—without creating more work for the instructor.

Our take

Video + Social Engagement = Learning

The concept of flipped learning has taken hold among educators but many still struggle to ensure that students actually take the initiative to prepare for classroom discussion. One teacher decided to fix that. He, and some colleagues, developed an app that he says makes sure students are prepared for class. Could it work for you?

The idea behind the app is that learning is more effective when it involves social interaction. Capitalizing on the popularity of social media interaction among young people, this app encourages sharing, questioning and even debate, among students as they prepare for class by watching videos and interacting. The professor behind the app says that he’s found it increases participation and preparation significantly.