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Software Still Boasts Benefits

by Jacqui Murray

Teach Hub

Article excerpt

Technology in the Classroom: Pros, Cons of Revisiting Software

I had to step back into the mindset I’d had before our conversation started, where I always suggest online tools over what has come to be the dated persona of software. There are a lot of reasons why web-based tools are exactly the right solution for today’s classrooms.

Our take

Sometimes Software Has a Place

There’s been a trend over the past several years toward web-based tools for teaching and administration instead of the software approach that was used for years. Web-based tools, at least on the surface, generally appear more cost effective—many are even free. It’s good to be budget conscious and, certainly, school systems are always very budget-conscious. But, as this author points out, there are some very good–and, potentially, economical reasons to consider other options. Are you taking all costs into consideration when you make classroom technology decisions?

Free web-based tools and apps often come with annoying ads which can eat up time and create distractions. Time is, of course, money. Additional costs may include annual fees, or small fees for optional services and functionality, which can add up fast. In addition, this author points out, these tools can become worthless if Internet access is lost or unavailable. Still, she acknowledges, there are a wide range of benefits to the use of online, web-based tools—hence their popularity. The bottom line: there is no, one, single best option; just make sure to consider all of the pros and cons when making choices.