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Social Media in Education: All Eyes on Periscope

by Amy Arbogash and Stephanie Rudolph

Teach Thought

Article excerpt

Getting Started With Periscope In The Classroom

Periscope is a live, interactive video streaming app which allows users to broadcast media and footage while their followers engage in their content at the same time. When used in the classroom, students are able to connect with the world in real-time and interact with any of the content that is made available to them.

Our take

Periscope Can Expand Students’ Worlds in Engaging Ways

Social media is a reality in the lives of students of virtually all ages these days, yet often not incorporated into the classroom in ways that can help guide their use of what can be both a positive, and potentially dangerous, tool. Periscope is one new entrant to the social media world that may offer opportunities to help introduce students to social media in relevant, creative—and safe—ways. How might you incorporate this tool into your classrooms?

Periscope, which is accessed through individuals’ Twitter accounts, can be incorporated into the classroom in a variety of ways—for instructors’ own presentations, through news broadcasts or through others’ presentations. The tool allows viewers to engage and interact with the content, in real-time. While the video streams are available for only 24 hours, they can be downloaded, saved and uploaded to another platform—the school’s website, or YouTube, for instance.