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Social Media: Connections, Made Simple

by Neil Gupta

EdTech Review

Article excerpt

Why You Should Commit to Use of Social Media in Schools

After a year of learning with other educational leaders from around the world, my patience isn’t like what it was. It’s not out of frustration in wanting others to simply jump on the bandwagon for the sake of it; it’s out of a sheer desire for others to experience the incredible shifts I’ve experienced in my own thinking and learning from innovative thinkers.

Our take

Practical Uses for Social Media in Education

Neil Gupta is a former math teacher and currently the Director of Secondary Education for Worthington City Schools in Ohio. Despite his tendency to not be the first to try new things, he’s gravitated to tools like Twitter, Voxer and Periscope to connect with students, parents, principals, and others in very practical ways. What best practices might you adopt based on his experiences?

Digital communications allow connections that might formerly have been time consuming—or even impossible. Gupta is using social media tools to share information with parents about what’s happening in the classroom, to broaden the reach of information he gleans through attendance at conferences and to make connections with other educational leaders. If you haven’t already begun experimenting with these types of tools, maybe now is the time to begin.