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Slack Collaboration? Not for Long.

by Josh Constine

Tech Crunch

Article excerpt

Slack will soon start testing voice and video chat

Slack is gunning for Skype and Google Hangouts with the 2016 product roadmap it revealed today. The biggest change coming: the ability to seamlessly turn a text chat into a voice or video chat will begin testing “very soon.” This builds on Slack’s January 2015 acquisition of Screenhero, when it said these features would eventually be released.

Our take

Collaborative Video Apps Present Real, and Relevant, Classroom Opportunities

The trend of video in social media messaging apps is making its way into real time collaboration apps like Slack. This could present new opportunities for the classroom where teachers could set up one collaborative conversation among multiple classrooms or multiple groups within a classroom. Teachers could also create unique collaborative conversations with each group/watering hole in a classroom and augment these conversations with images, video and audio content, including live video. Are there practical applications for this type of activities in your classrooms?

When considering the incorporation of technology, it’s important that it’s introduced in ways that move beyond simple replacement, or marginal improvement upon traditional means of sharing the information. But, when technology has the ability to transform the learning experience in new ways, allowing students to experiment, innovative and create on their own, higher levels of learning can be achieved.