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Six Changes To Increase Accountability

by David Osborne

U.S. News & World Report

Article excerpt

Holding Schools Accountable

Because Congress passed the Every Student Succeeds Act last December, states are revamping their federally required systems to measure school quality and hold schools accountable for performance. But most are doing so using outdated assumptions, holdovers from the industrial era, when cookie-cutter public schools followed orders from central headquarters and students were assigned to the closest school.

Our take

Conversations Around Accountability

ESSA is changing the options for schools to be evaluated and offering more flexibility in testing. This author, though, suggests that more reforms are necessary to bring evaluation up to 21st century requirements. He outlines six fundamental changes that he believes will lead to greater accountability. What conversations around accountability are taking place in your school system?

As school systems prepare for ESSA and anticipate potential impacts of the impending election, much attention has been focused on accountability and, of course, testing. There are no easy solutions and consensus is extremely difficult to achieve, but it is only through conversations—and potential collaboration—that progress can be achieved.