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Showing Parents the ‘Big Picture’

by District Administration Custom Publishing Group

District Administration

Article excerpt

Taking parent notifications to the next level with app integration

Blackboard’s ParentLink app offers parents personalized solutions for managing district news, schedules and information. Through integration with school websites and notification systems, users enjoy a streamlined mobile experience in one place.

Our take

Apps Are Great, But Interoperability Would Be Even Greater

There’s a lot of information parents need to stay on top of when managing their children’s educational experiences; now there’s an app to help streamline the process of staying up-to-date on bus schedules, while integrating with an existing ParentLink mobile app. What other functionality might these types of apps bring to help parents, students, teachers and administrators better manage information–and their time?

There are any number of new and soon-to-be-developed tools to aid the communication process between students, parents, teachers and school systems. They bring great functionality but a challenge that remains is ensuring that all of these apps and tools can somehow be coordinated to simplify access and use.