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Show What You Can Do

by Joshua Bolkan

Campus Technology

Article excerpt

Learning Machine, Credly Partner on Competency-Based Admissions

“The world’s most creative schools are already asking applicants to demonstrate what they can do. Digital credentials are quickly becoming a standard part of the college admissions process and will increasingly be the common currency of a global job market.”

Our take

Combining Credits, Certificates and Digital Credentials

An announcement by Learning Machine that it is integrating Credly’s Digital credentials into enrollment management platforms provides the foundation for these indicators of learning to be used in making admission decisions. Is this a boost for digital badges/credentials at both the K-12 and higher ed levels? Will such actions drive greater adoption?

While badges originally emerged from the for-profit arena as organizations and entrepreneurs attempted to monetize their knowledge, the concept has expanded into the educational realm, offering an opportunity to recognize learning in smaller bites than the traditional, semester-long course. Many universities and colleges offer certificates; digital badges or credentials are a natural evolution. It’s important to note that these offerings aren’t mutually exclusive—all can become elements of an integrated approach to recognizing learning and skill development.