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Set Them Up For Security

by Evan Koblentz


Article excerpt

Computer science teachers need cybersecurity education says CSTA industry group

Following a recent one-day cybersecurity program for students, sponsored by the NSA, “One of the pieces of feedback we got from the teachers is they thought they could do better at it if they actually understood cybersecurity a little better,” explained Mark Nelson, executive director of the Computer Science Teachers Association.

Our take

Cybersecurity PD a Must Across All Disciplines

As cybersecurity risks proliferate across industries, educators and the professional organizations that serve them are recognizing a gap. Teachers need to be educated about cybersecurity so they’re in a better position to pass the learning on to their students. Are you providing your instructors with the information they need to ensure students are up-to-date on current and future implications?

While computer science teachers are likely aware of, and able to counsel students on, cybersecurity issues and risks, teachers in other disciplines are unlikely to have this knowledge. However, since cybersecurity risks now impact all professions, and all industries, it’s important for all instructors to be armed with the information they need to properly inform and educate students. CSTA’s certificate course, covered in this piece, is one option, but there may be other opportunities to explore ways to ensure that all of your instructors are up-to-date and informed.