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Sealing The Deal

by Fermin Leal


Article excerpt

Bill calls for California high schools to award ‘Seal of STEM’ to proficient graduates

California high school graduates who have demonstrated high achievement in a STEM subject — science, technology, engineering and math — would receive a “State Seal of STEM” attached to their diplomas and transcripts, under a bill now before the state Senate. Assembly Bill 2072 aims to encourage more students to pursue studies in STEM by providing a special recognition that colleges and universities could review in the admissions process or that businesses could consider when hiring workers, the bill’s sponsor, Assemblywoman Ling Ling Chang, R-Diamond Bar, said in a statement.

Our take

Could a “Seal of STEM” Put Steam Behind Tech Training?

There’s plenty of interest in finding ways to engage students in STEM or STEAM-related educational pursuits and plenty of discussion about how to do it well. In California, an effort is underway to offer a special credential—a “Seal of STEM”—to students who demonstrate achievement in STEM-related areas. Could this type of credentialing create more interest in technology related subjects among your students?

It’s clear that the demand for students grounded in a solid understanding of science, technology, engineering and math-related subjects will only grow as technology becomes embedded in virtually every aspect of our lives. Finding ways to interest and engage students in subjects that have traditionally been considered “dry” is important to ensure their adequate preparation for future work roles. Policymakers and educators have opportunities to consider new ways of better engaging students, particularly female and minority students, in these types of courses.