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Save Money With A Campus eBookstore

by Arielle Dollinger

The New York Times

Article excerpt

As Amazon Arrives, the Campus Bookstore Is a Books Store No More

It is a conversation occurring on campuses across the country: If more and more students are buying and renting their course books online, why do they need a bookstore?

Our take

Campus Bookstores Turning Virtual?

Does your campus have a bookstore that actually sells books? More and more universities and colleges are turning to online sources of textbooks. In addition, open educational resources (OER) are proving to offer some sound alternatives to higher-priced textbook options, both in terms of costs and access to up-to-date information. Should your campus consider the s this strategy something you should reconsider the traditional bookstore format?

Campuses around the country are considering the possibilities. With less space, time and cost needing to be appropriated for hard copy textbooks, more space could be devoted to other things—whether the sale of other items, additional educational space or something else. The added benefit, as illustrated in this piece, is that your school could generate passive revenue from sales that occur through online partners.