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The Role Of Coding In STEM

by Vince Bertram

EdTech Focus on K-12

Article excerpt

Computer Science (Not Just Coding) Needs a Bigger Role in STEM Education

For more than a decade, educators, business leaders and policymakers have talked about STEM — an acronym that stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics — but a new study suggests that at least one increasingly important field is being left out of STEM education, and it is vital to our nation’s students and economic prosperity.

Our take

Is It Time for More Conversations on Coding?

There are conversations about coding and there are conversations about STEM–both prevalent in education circles these days. But, does coding have a large enough part of the STEM conversation?

Not everybody thinks so. We took a look at the issue a few months ago in our piece “Generation Code: STEM to the rescue”. The need to develop a new generation of coders sometimes gets lost in the broader STEM discussion. It’s important for schools—from pre-K and beyond—to provide opportunities to educate students about coding as early as possible. There are a variety of ways to do this that don’t can be engaging even for very young students.