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Risk And Innovation: A Message from ISTE 2016

by Dennis Pierce

eSchool News

Article excerpt

5 keys to encouraging teacher innovation

Change is hard. How can you get reluctant teachers to embrace change and try new innovations in teaching with technology? At ISTE 2016, popular ed-tech speaker Jennie Magiera shared several strategies for doing just that—turning those “yes, but…” objections into “what if…” adventures.

Our take

Cultivating an Appetite for Change and Innovation

The recent ISTE 2016 delivered some innovative speakers and key takeaways. Jennie Magiera, an ed tech leader and popular conference presenter shared five tips for helping to foster risk-taking among educators. How could you use these tips to instill more confidence and experimentation among your education colleagues?

A culture that supports innovation is critical and that means removing any barriers that may limit risk-taking for fear of failure—among both teachers and students. Another key takeaway: not everybody is going to be on board, so don’t be afraid to make some people unhappy. Change is challenging, but innovation matters. Major players like Google, Amazon and Microsoft are doubling down on their efforts to provide tools and technology for education. These tips can help you find ways to engage your educators—and administrators—around the practical and effective use of the many new ed tech tools now available.