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Rev Up Online Engagement

by Scott Cooper

eLearning Industry

Article excerpt

6 Tips To Build A Thriving Online Learning Community

It’s common for the community aspect of online learning to be ignored as instructors are not seeing their students face to face on a daily basis, but one of the most important aspects in building a great program is forming an online learning community that can provide the help and support that a learner needs.

Our take

In the Online Environment Teacher Must Engage to Engage

Online engagement is vastly different from engagement in a traditional classroom setting. But, interactions among online learners shouldn’t be left to chance. There are ways that instructors can manage online experiences to encourage participation, interaction and engagement. Do you know how to engage online learners in effective discussion with you and their classmates?

The author of this piece offers six tips to help build strong connections, beginning with being very explicit about engagement expectations and establishing times when the instructor will be “present at the course site.” Committing to regular interaction with students and prompting interaction and responses through questions contained in their messages are additional suggestions. The bottom line: engaging students online must be an active, attentive process that includes clear expectations, accountability and, most importantly, personal and ongoing participation from instructors.