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Rethinking Professional Development

by Aaron Sams and Justin Aglio

eSchool News

Article excerpt

We flipped professional development and our teachers loved it

Since the creation of the MLN, digital professional development participation has increased 600 percent. Through weekly updates within the entire district, the MLN engages teachers through a wide variety of support networks, including Google for Educators, EdTech Resources, Social Media, Digital Citizenships, Tech Support, Innovation Zone, and more.

Our take

Opportunities in Flipped PD

If flipped learning works for students, why not for teachers as well? That was the theory behind the Montour School District’s creation of the Montour Learning Network (MLN) which provides teachers with resources in digital professional development. The MLN is proving popular with teachers; what could you learn from their best practices and lessons learned?

Providing teachers with access to a wide array of PD resources that they can access electronically, based on their unique scheduling and learning needs definitely holds value for both administrators and instructors. The same is true in the PD environment as in the typical student classroom, though. Successful flipped classroom initiatives aren’t about simply switching the lectures to video, flipped learning must be seen as a means for instructors—at all levels—to create learning environments that go beyond a transfer of knowledge. That requires a thorough understanding of learner needs and interests and conversations to help explore new, more flexible, digital options.