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Rethink Summer School

by Amanda Cunningham

Fuel Education

Article excerpt

Catching Up or Getting Ahead with Online Summer School Programs

Summer school doesn’t need to be the un-air-conditioned agony that students and teachers imagine it to be. Instead, it can be an opportunity to help students stay on track to graduate, get ahead with core courses, or be inspired with career-building electives.

Our take

Thinking Differently About Summer School

Summer school may never be an enticing proposition for students that must attend it, but Online learning options can take a little sting out of the process. Even those who aren’t identified as needing to catch up on certain topics may have interest in signing up for Online educational options for learning about new things or exploring personal areas of interest. Should you be exploring new ways to offer this instruction?

New options for addressing the delivery of summer school instruction may not only resonate better with students and parents but could potentially save money for your school system as well. It’s worth considering how the same outcomes could be achieved in ways that go beyond the traditional classroom setting.