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Restructure PD With “Micro-Credentialing”

by Stephen Sawchuk

Education Week

Article excerpt

Can 'Micro-Credentialing' Salvage Teacher PD?

Welcome to the brave new world of teacher “micro-credentialing,” an effort to make professional development more personalized, engaging, and relevant to teachers.

Our take

Using Bite-Sized Training to Drive Personalized Learning, and Pay

While no agreed-upon, formal definition exists, micro-credentialing generally involves delivering bite-size bits of education, with competency-based assessments used to award credentials to those receiving the training. Given the fatigue and dissatisfaction that many teachers feel with traditional professional development (PD) options, micro-credentialing may offer a more personalized alternative. What opportunities are available to you?

Micro-credentialing allows for greater flexibility in both the content and delivery of information for learners. For educators this means the ability to select a personalized combination of topics designed to meet their unique development needs. The Kettle Moraine school district in Wisconsin is experimenting with tying micro-credentialing to pay. Their experiences can provide a starting point for developing your own micro-credentialing options.