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Rest, Relaxation, And Virtual First Period?

by Jane Swift


Article excerpt

A Virtual Start Can Mean Real Sleep For Students

Piedmont City School District, located in a community with fewer than 5,000 residents about 90 miles from Birmingham, has created a virtual first period for 10th-12th grade students who maintain a B average. These students can complete the assignments for their first period class, which must include online coursework, anytime they want, allowing them to sleep in during the week.

Our take

Looking at Learning in New Ways

Early school start times can be challenging for students, parents—and teachers. Groggy teens, especially, may be challenging to engage. Add to that the recognition that not having enough sleep can hinder the learning process and a question arises: “How could we do this differently?” Technology allows for new and innovative approaches to traditional school schedules as this example illustrates. How could you create a blended approach to real and virtual options to best meet student needs?

As technology becomes more and more prevalent in education, it is increasingly difficult to imagine a non-blended learning environment. But, it is, perhaps, still challenging to think differently about how and when education is provided and learning takes place. This school district’s experience illustrate how teaching, and learning, can be thought about differently.