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A Renewed Interest In Portfolio Assessment

by Deborah Yaffe

District Administration

Article excerpt

Portfolios hold new promise for schools

Decades ago, portfolio assessment—using samples of classroom work to document students’ progress toward learning goals—meant finding room for bulging binders stuffed with paper. But digital technologies that make it far easier to collect, curate, share and store student work have dismantled the physical barriers that once made portfolio assessment daunting.

Our take

Creating Lifelong Memories Online

As ESSA paves the way for teachers to incorporate portfolio assessment into their student evaluations, the concept is generating renewed attention. Technology makes the process relatively seamless, leaving students with tangible document of lifelong learning. How can you help your students build their online portfolios?

This article builds the case for the use of portfolio assessment as a means for students to easily capture, and teachers to easily access, the assignments and projects they create. There are a variety of online portfolio options available, some at no, or low, cost. But, rather than taking a teacher by teacher approach to the use of portfolios, a system or district discussion could lead to continuity that could create an academic accomplishment database that would follow a student from K-12 to higher ed and beyond.