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Relinquishing The Front Of The Classroom

by Jamie Schnepp


Article excerpt

‘Let It Go': A New Set of Classroom Management Strategies for the 21st Century

21st century classrooms include flexible seating, 1:1 technology, and student-led learning—in my opinion. But as in all classrooms, moving into the next century doesn’t mean that you completely forget everything you know.

Our take

Teachers: Get to the Back of the Room!

Technology is changing education and that includes changing the traditional educational learning spaces. They’re becoming more flexible, more fluid and more controlled by students than teachers. This shift requires changes for educators, though. Most notably, as this author points out, comfort with letting go of classroom control. Are you ready to make the shift?

Education in the 21st century is moving from teacher-driven to student-led learning, impacting both the ways in which education is delivered, and the spaces where learning occurs. Both must be considered in order to best leverage ed tech. Rather than feeling threatened, innovative educators are realizing that the connectivity and resources now available to them can be used to not only transition but enhance their roles.