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Recruiting 21st Century Knowhow

by Mark Carter

eCampus News

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University tech lab takes on virtual reality

The EAC has worked with private businesses including Nabholz Construction, WER Architects and Southwest Power Pool, and public entities such as the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and the city of Little Rock. Projects have included the design of a new exhibit for the Tulsa Zoo in partnership with Nabholz and a reimagining for the city of the South University Avenue corridor next to the UALR campus.

Our take

Strategic Recruiting to Stay on Top of Emerging Tech Trends

The University of Arkansas has leveraged the recruitment of an internationally known virtual reality scientist to move big-time into the world of virtual reality (VR); the program offers opportunities for internships, scholarships, on-campus learning and community collaborations. It’s a great way to provide both internal competencies and training opportunities for students, educators and the community. What role might recruitment play in helping to ensure that your campus has access to information about, and the potential for interaction with, emerging technologies?

It’s becoming increasingly challenging for universities to stay on top of all of the many emerging technologies that both impact their own educational processes and meet the demand of students in multiple disciplines. New employer demands require students to have access to information and programs that will ensure skill development in areas that will be in demand when they graduate. Thinking strategically about how recruitment might be used to aid in both of these areas can have the potential for positive impacts at many levels, and with multiple audiences.