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Ready, Set, 3D Print

by Dr. Conor MacCormack

eCampus News

Article excerpt

6 departments ripe for 3D learning

As institutions make room in the classroom (and within 2016 budgets) to add more technology to learning programs, 3D printing tools are at the top of the must-have list, especially for specific departments on campus. According to colleges and universities, this technology is on the 2016 must-have list because 3D printing not only brings educational concepts to life for students, but supports next-level learning by developing more agile and creative thinkers.

Our take

Is 3D Printing in Your School’s—and Students’—Futures?

3D printing is a recent innovation that is already being adopted by organizations around the world in a wide range of innovative ways that are impacting manufacturing, healthcare and other industries. Students in certain programs are likely to be faced with this technology as they enter the workforce, meaning that universities need to be prepared to provide them with the education and experiences needed to succeed. 3D technology may not work for every subject in every classroom, but this piece points to six areas where 3D is poised to make a big difference in how students are engaged in learning in new, and increasingly innovative, ways. How can you respond to this emerging need?

Budgets are tight, but new learning needs are continually emerging; 3D printing is just one example. As this article illustrates, applications for 3D learning impact multiple areas of education, pointing to opportunities for collaboration and shared investments to benefit as many students as possible. These conversations should be a part of your 2016 strategy planning sessions.