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Reading For Real

by Meaghan Hanrahan Dobson

Education Week

Article excerpt

The Importance of Real Reading for Resistant Readers

After trying unsuccessfully to interest him in various biographies, I reminded myself that the goal is real reading; books aren’t the only option. With a daily newspaper in our classroom, he now willingly puts his phone away and buries himself in the day’s events.

Our take

Let Them Read What They Want to Read

Many students have long balked at reading assignments like Pride and Prejudice, Macbeth, Farewell to Arms, etc. But, does it really matter what they read, or just that they read something? Resistant readers may benefit from a more open-ended approach to reading assignments; one that leverages the vast array of information available digitally in a wide range of forms. How could you better instill the habit of reading in your reading resistant students?

The Internet offers a variety reading material options that may be more easily digested by resistant students than the large, hard copy tomes their parents, and grandparents, were required to read when they were in school. Approaching reading from the standpoint of individual students’ preferences can help to better engage them in the reading process, regardless of the content.