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Reading for Class: Beyond Textbooks

by David Raths

Campus Technology

Article excerpt

Turning Course Materials Into a Digital Magazine

When textbook material gets dated — particularly in current affairs or business topics — what is an instructor to do? Some have found a solution in the Flipboard news reader, which aggregates stories in a magazine-format mobile app.

Our take

Teachers and Students Flip Out for Flipboard

Flipboard is a tool that allows educators to create their own e-zines based on a collection of news and information that they find most relevant to their coursework. The tool also can be used by both students and instructors in other creative ways, as this article illustrates. Are there opportunities to incorporate Flipboard into your classrooms?

One of the challenges with traditional textbook material, especially in our fast-paced world, is that material can quickly become outdated. Tools like Flipboard provide teachers with the opportunity to curate and share more current information, augmenting the information in traditional textbooks. It’s an easy tool to use and worth experimenting with. There’s also a Facebook group, #FlipboardChat, where users come together to share ideas and best practices.