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School Announces Digital Device for Secondary Students

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Rockingham County Public Schools

Article excerpt

RCPS Announces Digital Device for Secondary Students

Combining information gleaned from two years of classroom pilots and input from a large committee made up of teachers, students, parents, technology staff, instruction leaders, and administrators, RCPS determined the best device for our secondary students. Find out what it is and why we feel it’s a great choice!

Our take

Students Excited About New Devices That Fit Their Interaction Preferences

Teachers and students at Rockingham County Public Schools in Harrisonburg, Virginia, are excited about the recent addition of a new device that will be made available to secondary students next year. They’ve selected Lenovo’s ThinkPad Yoga 11e Multimode Chromebook and they’re spreading the word. Why all the excitement?

Flexibility is a big deal here. This device allows students to use it in ways that best meet their own personal styles and learning needs. The video on the school system’s site shows the kids in action; it’s fun to see all of the various ways—and various settings—they use to engage with their new devices. Their enthusiasm is contagious!

View their video announcement in the full story.